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Hello! I suppose this is a good place for an introduction. My name is Brittany (duh). I am a stay at home mom to “K”, a grieving mom to “T”, a wife to “J”, a housekeeper, a gourmet chef (*snort*), a pet owner and a crafty kinda lady. When I have too many thoughts and ideas floating around in my head, it gets a little crowded in there. Since I am a visual person, it helps to have a place to put those T&I (thoughts and ideas…clever, eh?). Some of my T&I are just for me, some are to share. Sometimes, the ones that I think are just for me, turn out to be things that I’d like to share. Here is where the blog comes in. This is a place to put everything “Brittany” – from marriage, to my donkeys (my dogs), to raising a child, to grieving a child, to crafting, to cooking, to couponing…the list is endless. I don’t expect a million followers or anything crazy. I just thought it would be nice for me to have an outlet and for my friends and family to laugh at my mishaps. You know I’ll post them. *wink*

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