Happy Freaking New Year

Miss K started getting a runny nose a few days after we got home from our Christmas festivities with family.  Then she got a raspy, mucous-y cough, but wasn’t acting “sick” so I let it go a few days.  By Friday night, she was in our bed and nobody was sleeping.  She couldn’t stop coughing and was extra fussy.  Then we realized she hadn’t had a bowel movement in a few days.  Probably didn’t help the fussiness.  Saturday morning, I took her to the walk-in clinic at our dr’s office and she was diagnosed with croup (after listening to her cough) and given a Rx steroid to reduce the inflammation in her upper airway so she didn’t cough like she was and could get some sleep.  We were told that if it didn’t get better in 3 days, to come back in.  That night, she was fussier than I think I’ve ever seen her and by 4am, we were on our way to the ER.  4am on New Year’s day.  Lucky us.  They did an xray of her little tummy and confirmed that she was very constipated and probably what was causing her fussiness, but the croup was never questioned even after hearing her cough.  We were sent home with glycerin suppositories.  2 suppositories later and we got hardly anything plus she had been on the steroid for 3 days and wasn’t sounding any better.  Back to the ER at 9:30am on Monday.  An enema, breathing treatment, xrays, a blood draw and 5 hours later, we found out that she was [SLIGHTLY] dehydrated and had [a touch of] pneumonia and recommended an overnight hospital stay.  After drying my eyes and composing myself from the enema, xrays and blood draw, I lost it again when the dr. told us that.  He was the THIRD dr. to see her and finally diagnosed her with pneumonia after she’d been on steroids for croup for 3 freaking days.  Now my baby was going to have to stay OVERNIGHT in the hospital?!

Long story-short, we didn’t end up staying.  Her pediatrician came in, evaluated Miss K and gave us the green light to go home with some Rx antibiotics for the pneumonia and to get some Miralax for Miss Poopy Pants.  Life has been getting back to normal since then and I finally have my happy, smiling baby back but what a way to break in 2012.

Now the hubs is feeling yucky with a low-grade fever the last few days.  He is staying far from me šŸ™‚  But Miss K and I did get a beautiful little surprise on Tuesday…

Mommy and baby roses!  What a sweet guy her daddy is!


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