Since Miss K has been so sick for the last couple of weeks, it has been a struggle to get anything done around here.  I used to sweep the wood floors and vacuum the carpets everyday.  Keeping up on the dishes was not a problem (oh, the appreciation I have for my dishwasher now after not having one for 5 years), laundry didn’t pile up (usually), toys were put away during nap time…none of that has been happening.    Like I posted earlier, she isn’t a great sleeper.  She has gone back to taking good afternoon naps, but night sleep is still not great.  Especially during this whole sickness.

I was running on fumes yesterday.  EXHAUSTED.  Well, guess who decided to sleep well last night 🙂  Thank you, sweet baby Jesus!  She only woke up once around 1am, then slept until 8am.  Normally, I would have tried to let her get herself back to sleep (something I struggle with), but I put her back on her pillow to get her elevated.  I literally walked in her room asleep.  I had to really think about it this morning because I wasn’t sure if I actually got up or not!  I feel so much better today!  Wish I could have slept past 5:30, but I appreciate her sleep, nonetheless.  We went for a walk this morning and I’m having her babysitter come today so that I can finish catching up on cleaning and organizing.

Amazing what a decent night of sleep can do.



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