What The Doctor Ordered

Since starting the “little pill”, as I call it, life has been less chaotic. I finally have a handle on this anxiety and finally getting some sleep. It’s like my mind is out of control sometimes. I start to worry, then get overwhelmed, then distracted…then nothing gets done. This little pill has helped me get more productive, more attentive, more patient and best of all, a better mommy and wife. Me and the hubs feel like best friends again…not just business partners.

Now, to work on the stuff a pill can’t fix… I’ve always had a hard time leaving Miss K. It’s no wonder. After losing a child, it becomes all-too-real that it could happen to me. The only person whose care I can leave her in and not worry at all is her daddy. She has been fussy lately (has to be teeth) and I had had it up to my eyeballs last night. I just couldn’t take anymore whining and fussing. Plus, I wasn’t able to get out of the house at all the last two days because of weather and I needed to run a few important errands. My best friend took me to dinner last night and offered to stay home with Little Miss while I ran around today. I wanted to browse the party store in town (for birthday decorations!) but hate doing that with my adorable little tag-a-along. So today, that is exactly what I did. It was wonderful!!! Just what I needed! Then, I got my nails done (don’t remember the last time I did that) and browsed another store for party stuff. I was gone just 3 hours but I feel so refreshed, it’s just what I needed. I may need to do this more often! And daddy loves the one-on-one time with Baby Bear, too. Such a great day!

And a little pic for your viewing pleasure. This truck was parked next to me at the party store and the tailgate says, “Size Matters”. Keep it classy!



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