Winding Down

Tomorrow will be exactly one week since my baby girl’s first birthday party. I can’t believe I just celebrated a first birthday the way it should be. I’m still on a high from all the excitement! A post dedicated to her birthday is coming soon, I need to do that one from my computer so I can add all the photos. I’m so proud of that party and so glad I took the time on all the details. Now it’s time to wind down.

I’m in week five of Couch to 5k (C25K) and, naturally, a running day fell on Miss K’s birthday party day. I’m running every other day instead of

3x per week, as the program is laid out, because I had a bit of a time crunch. So I decided to skip that day altogether (no guilt since the program is designed to have two rest days in a row anyway) and start back up on Sunday. It was BEAUTIFUL out that day, so I decided to run outside with the jogging stroller. Three things wrong with this picture: 1) I am accustomed to running in a cool basement on a treadmill, NOT in the hot sun on pavement. BIG difference. 2) I run alone on my treadmill and have full use of both arms so when I get tired, I can pump them to get me through. A stroller does not allow arm pumping! 3) I didn’t have any sunscreen for the baby legs poking out from under the sun shade of the stroller. 😦 So all in all, the beautiful-day-to-run-outside run, was a huge embarrassing failure. Not to mention, I completely threw out my diet common sense the day before because, well, I made all those sweet treats and I was going to enjoy them, dammit! I wish I could have just gotten up early Saturday and got my workout in before the baby even woke up for the day. But we had house guests and my heavy feet, 15 feet from our guest room, would have definitely woken them up.

Ah well, no use crying over crappy workouts. I picked back up on Tuesday (I won’t even get started on why I didn’t run on Monday) and will finish out week 5 tomorrow! I’m kind of nervous, to be honest. 5 minute warmup walk, 20 minute run, 5 minute cool down. I hate to turn the speed down on the “run” but I think my legs might just fall off if I don’t. It feels good to “train”, though. Knowing I’m running a 5K on April 14 really keeps me accountable. After that, I plan to continue running every other day (EOD) but also incorporate some P90X workouts on the rest days. I guess the run days would be more like rest days, compared to P90X!

I was inspired to take before and after pictures by another blogger so I can’t wait to show off my hard work this summer! No, I will not post my “before” until I’m in “after” territory. If I wanted everyone to know how fat I was, I would wear skimpy clothing… It’s bad enough I wear shorts-puke.

Anyone else in Spring Cleaning mode??? I just cleaned all my windows this afternoon and it feels GREAT! I still need to wash the outside of most of them, but getting the inside and the sills clean feels really good. After vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows and main floor bathrooms, I’m exhausted but feel refreshed. (How’s that for an oxymoron?) Might just tackle the closets next! And I should add… I saw these packages of 18 washcloths from Walmart. They were super cheap and you could tell from looking at them that they would be scratchy. A lightbulb went off and I thought, “I use A LOT of paper products when I clean bathrooms, kitchen, floors, windows, etc. What if I just use these washcloths then throw them in the wash together with some bleach!?” I am a genius {if only in my own mind} folks! I used close to half of them between the windows, bathrooms and mirrors today. They are currently in the wash, waiting for the rest of their buddies when I get done with Miss K’s windows (she is napping). I am so proud of myself! This will save us so much money on paper towels alone! And as soon as I find an alternative to wet Swiffer pads, I won’t be buying those anymore either. Washcloths fit right onto a Swiffer sweeper. 🙂

Little Miss is awake! Thanks for reading!


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    martha84 said,

    Just wanted to let ya know, I just got nominated with a Liebster award and I’m passing it on to you. Thank you for taking the time to blog 🙂

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