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Tore up from the floor up-Refashion

I have this beloved pair of jeans that I’ve had since I was 18…so a few years. And they are looking rough. When new, they were the trashed kind…ripped knee (not a hole, but only threads holding the denim together), frayed spots here and there, loose fit, etc. They were the most amazing fitting jeans, straight off the rack, I’ve ever owned. It’s kind of like the “messy bun”. It has to be a beautiful disaster. These jeans no longer had the “beautiful” part. I stopped wearing them in public long ago. *tear*

So without further ado, I give you the jeans:


You can imagine what they used to look like. Simply amazing.

With Spring Cleaning on the brain, I couldn’t stand to look at these old rags beauties, folded up in the bottom of my closet anymore. I had two choices: pitch ’em or find a use for them. Lucky for them, and my wallet, I needed another pair of jean shorts and my most-comfortable-turned-trashed jeans seem to fit the DIY bill. So it made my heart hurt a little less cutting the legs off than it would have to chuck place them in the trash can.

I slipped them on and made a dot with a sharpie at the length I wanted them (plus an inch or so for error). A few deep breaths later, I had a pair of jean shorts. I cut the seams a bit to make room to fold them up and I’m pretty happy with them. Don’t judge my thunder thighs…I’m workin’ on it, aight.


And totally off topic of jeans/shorts/refashion… I made my first diaper cover for my niece today and it turned out UH-DOR-ABLE! I made her a simple pillowcase dress from the same fabric for her birthday.



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