Green beans, mushrooms and balsamic…oh my!

Staying on trend with my last post, I’d like to gush about two recipes that made me and the hubs very happy last night! (I realize that could be taken in a dirty way…I choose to leave it.)

First, the meatloaf. I used to hate meatloaf. The word is as unappealing as the dry, bland hunk of meat that most people associate it with. Just my luck, I marry a man with a love affair with the stuff. I started with a Worcestershire (I had to google to spell it correctly…you’re welcome!) sauce version that was pretty good. Then I found this Sweet and Sour recipe. Even my I-don’t-like-anything-I-hafta-chew baby likes it! I came across this recipe a few years ago and it is a crowd pleaser. Even if you don’t like meatloaf, make it ONCE. If you really don’t like it, please come back and tell me about it! I’d be curious to see what a hater has to say šŸ˜‰

Second recipe was found on none other than…Pinterest! I tried it two weeks ago and it’s now a weekly (or more) staple. You’re seriously going to thank me for this. Here is my picture:

<img src="" alt="20120511-102742.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

The original, Kalyn’s Kitchen, has better photos and you can find the recipe there. Enjoy!

P.S. Martha, this would be a nice side to a meat dish at your restaurant! Nobody will know that the “secret” ingredient is balsamic vinegar!


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    martha84 said,

    That looks pretty fabulous! I’m serving bacon wrapped pork chops tonight, and I just may take ya up on that!

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