This and That

First, I’d like to show off my new baby, “Grace” (she came this way…I would have chosen a stripper spunky name like “Lola” or “Roxie”)! She is my Mother’s Day/birthday {ahem, June 2, ahem} present.

Ain’t she a beaut!

And my first project, basically to test her out:

Don’t judge my messy basement…

I had to try out the new machine on something I didn’t mind messing up or looking sloppy…so ^there^ it is. I wasn’t about to “play” on a paying customer’s order.

I’ve been slacking slightly in the running/eating healthy department. I’m actually SUCKING at it lately. I only had two workouts last week and I’ve been eating like a cow…if cows ate junk food out of bags and boxes šŸ˜¦ I love having a large pantry but I need to refrain from filling it up and work on filling up that beautiful, stainless steel, double door refrigerator that I always dreamed about but never thought I’d get… I have all the tools, I just need a kick in the ass. I got the workout kick late last week in the form of a Pinterest quote:


HELLS to the freaking YES, my friend! You should see meĀ beforeĀ andĀ after a workout…it is not cute. Well, the before is…tight top, shorts at the perfect place on my hips, hair pulled tight and smooth. After? If I’m still wearing the top, it’s all stretched out and soaked, the shorts are halfway to my boobs, giving me a wedgie from hell and my hair looks like I sat in a steamy bathroom for an hour.

Speaking of before and after photos…I finally took some after shots yesterday and I was shocked at how flabby I was earlier this year. I still have a ways to go, but it was nice to see the hard work pay off a bit! Maybe I’ll get brave and post them in the next week or so…

And a little food porn…

I’m a sucker for crescent rolls!

That is ribeye, sirloin, New York strip and filet mignon steaks. We kind of had a steak buffet the other night. Yeah, it was even more awesome than you’re imaging right now. Smashed red potatoes, balsamic green beans and mushrooms…amazingness!


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