Out of My Comfort Zone

A few people that know me personally follow this blog. That alone puts me out of my comfort zone because I’m so honest about everything here. Taking it one step further, I have decided to post the before and halfway pics today. {Well, I tried to last night but my computer hates me, apparently.} I’ll take the after in a month or so. I realize that these are not amazing transformation pictures like The Biggest Loser or someone who lost half their body weight, but it’s amazing to see the work pay off a little. My thighs are slimmer, my arms are toned, my love handles are smaller, my belly is flatter…

This is more of a leap than a step out of my comfort zone. Like I said, I’m only halfway there and I’ve been majorly slacking. Which is why I’m posting them now, in hopes of getting my motivation back and keeping myself accountable. It’s so hard! But worth it. Sometimes the ones we love, our biggest supporters, are also our biggest detriments because they are our weakness. Like when the hubs wants to take Baby Bear out for ice cream after dinner and lays on the guilt trip when I don’t order anything (I heart ice cream).

…sigh…I can’t put it off forever so here is my before, taken March 3:


“Fluffy” and gross, right?

Here is my halfway, taken May 28:


I hope this is the jump start I need to lose the last 10-15! And I realized the other day that I have abs. Like a serious, rippled 6 pack. But it’s hidden behind the layer of loose skin and chub! That’s a sad truth. Now I know what they mean when I hear people say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

True that.


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  1. 1

    Nice results. Keep up the good work!!

  2. 3

    loseitbig said,

    I can see the differences. You are looking great. I just went through a biggest loser competition at work. It taught me quite a few things. Before and after pictures are great and very nice for inspiration. I don’t want to look like my before pictures anymore.

    • 4

      Brittany said,

      Thanks so much!

      “I don’t want to look like my before pictures anymore.”

      AMEN to that! Your photos are amazing, ad well! Congrats on YOUR weight loss!

  3. 5

    martha84 said,

    Um holy crap, how did this post slip under my radar?? You look freakin fabulous! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. 7

    Meghan said,

    You. Look. Amazing. In both your “before” AND your “after” shot. Hot Momma!! 🙂

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