Prevention of Human Extinction

It’s amazing what you forget about pregnancy once it’s a memory. It must be God’s way of ensuring procreation. The pure exhaustion and worthless feeling it brings. Or is that the lazing on the couch for hours? Either way…

The irritability. My feathers get ruffled about EVERYTHING. It’s annoying.

The cravings that are more like addiction. You don’t care what it takes, you NEED chocolate milk at 11pm on Tuesday night or you’re just going to die. Friday night, it was a grilled chicken sandwich from Subway (with mayo which I NEVER order) and a soft pretzel with those big chunks of course salt and cheese. Guess when that craving struck? 10:02 pm. 2 minutes after all 5 Subway restaurants in my town closed. So I went to Arby’s instead. Let me tell you, Arby’s is the devil when you want a fresh-ish sandwich! I ended up with a “market-fresh” turkey and Swiss that had so much mayo and spicy mustard that I couldn’t even eat half of it. Then I overcompensated for not getting the pretzel by ordering curly fries AND mozz sticks. It was a bad night filled with empty promises and disappointment. Lucky for me, the next day, my dear hubby brought me everything I needed. No joke, it was like the world stopped while I waited for this sandwich and pretzel. I HAD to have it. I won’t divulge how much chocolate milk powder I’ve gone through in the last week, too…

And that flat morning stomach hit the road a few days ago. I started to feel puffy with Keira around 10-12 weeks. That puffy feeling started around week 8 this time. Thank God fall/winter is coming and it will be totally acceptable (and stylish) to wear baggier clothes. I’d rather look a little frumpy than like the Michelin man.

The nausea. I was just telling a friend tonight-things don’t smell stronger per se, but generally “gross” smells make me gag. Obviously, changing a diaper never smells good (even just #1), but i have to breathe through my mouth when I do it now.

Last but certainly not least, the general lack of give-a-damn. We just moved into this house in May of last year but it has never been so filthy. I haven’t mopped in over a week. The laundry room floor has a layer of lint/dust over it. I haven’t vacuumed in days (we have two shedding dogs, it NEEDS vacuumed daily). Keira has taken to throwing things down the stairs through the banister and I just wear different shoes to keep from going down to get the thrown ones. I like to make sure the washer and dryer are empty when I go to bed…the dryer has a load of towels in it right now. And I don’t even care.

And I’m not going to proof read before posting this so I hope you had fun deciphering what I can only assume is a jumbled mess.


But damn I’m glad to feel like shit because if my body isn’t taking care of me, it’s taking care of this baby!


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