Technical Difficulties

I’m trying to blog more from my computer and fight the urge to throw it when I attempt to post.  I just can’t win because it takes so long to type from my phone but posting pictures is usually a no-brainer.

As Keira is napping, I’m wasting time trying to figure out WP a little better so I changed my theme (it was too boring for me…even though I don’t even see it 99% of the time due to the mobile version) and now I can’t remember if I have an “about me” section.  Do you guys think I need one?  Do I already have one that I just can’t find in my new theme?

And I have successfully missed all nap time opportunities to get ANYTHING done today because Little Miss is starting to stir.  I need a shower, I’m starting to grow funk.  Just kidding.  Sorta.

Oooh, and a question I pondered last night and thought I’d ask some other people…

What would you do with a “free day”?

No significant other, no kids, no work, no responsibility, no spending limit.  This is basically a “what would you do with a million dollars” type question, but I’m interested to see what other people consider a perfect ME day.


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    martha84 said,

    I always blog from my phone – I’m too crazy to sit down and type on the computer for an extended period of time. I will check out your new set up when I do get on the laptop, though 🙂
    My ideal day? Probably just being lazy by a beach or pool. Eating good food and sleeping a lot. I don’t require much.

    • 2

      Brittany said,

      That sounds amazing! The Hubs and I have been to Jamaica twice (Sandals Resort both times, I highly recommend) and at the snack bar on the beach they made these nachos that were absolutely to die for. The cheese was really runny and delicious. I would sit in a lounge chair, right in the sand, with a plate of nachos in one hand and a Jamaican Smile (basically, a strawberry banana piña colada) in the other. I physically ache when we leave.

  2. 3

    hiddinsight said,

    I think I would try to do it all: running, spa, shopping, two hour shower…lol…sounds good to me! When do we start?

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