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Getting My Fix

You may remember my recent post about how much I hate my wardrobe but am too cheap to go shopping. It was quite pathetic. I made a deal with the devil my husband (and no, I’m not telling what the agreement consisted of) for shoes/boots. I’ve been putting off buying boots for a few years and I just can’t take it anymore. I also need flats (because not all jeans take kindly to tennis shoes). And I might have told him that we were going shopping today, when the tiny tornado woke up from her nap. And we did! So between my $10 gift card at Kohl’s (they just randomly send these out! So weird!) that I spent yesterday, and our little trip today, I ended up with 5 new tops and a pair of flats!

This is the highlight of my month. Ugh…I’m so shallow.

And I have to share what I spent and what I saved because I love saving money more than spending it. And I apologize for these terrible pictures. Use your imagination, would ya? I’ll help you along.
Yesterday (Kohl’s): pale orange basic shallow v-neck T…navy blouse with flowy sleeves (real technical name)

20120915-210927.jpgSpent a total of about $1 after the gift card and they were clearanced for $3 and $8. I’m obsessed with these basic T’s. I can’t get enough!

Today (JCPenney): The one on the left is white and champaign and the other is gray and brown. Sadly, I tried on the lighter one, thinking it was the size larger, loved it so much I got the other color in the “same size”, only to get home and realize that it wasn’t the same and sure as hell wasn’t going to work (it was like a tent). I will definitely get a pic modeling this one because the fit is incredible!

20120915-212020.jpgSpent $20+tax for these two tops ($10 each, in case you can’t do math and didn’t notice that they are the same shirt). $22 a piece originally.

Today (Kohl’s): burgundy cowl neck sweater, leather blend white and animal print flats (I’m REALLY excited about these!!!)

20120915-212602.jpgThe sweater is so soft and such a pretty color in person. “Ruby Isle” is the name. $13ish I think. What a STEAL! The original price was $80. Had to dig 3 boxes down for the shoes but so glad I did! $18, down from $65.

So I calculated everything I spent and compared it to the original price of everything and am quite pleased with my thrifty self! I only spent about $55 and saved over $185!!! And to think…a bunch of women actually paid that $65 for JUST those shoes.

^^See that? That’s me rationalizing spending money on myself. Because I STILL feel guilty that it wasn’t spent on Keira. Mommy guilt is a bitch.

With less than $20 out of the “shoe budget”, I have plenty to find some sweet boots!


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Car Photo Shoot!

Keira fell asleep and Papa Bear had to go inside his facility to pick something up…or something. I didn’t really pay attention when he said what he was doing, just came along for the ride. And after doing my makeup in the car bumpy ass Ford truck (pros and cons of a company vehicle, eh?), I decided that I was impressed with my shaky makeup skills. And had a mini photo shoot…by myself…because I’m 15 apparently. Hey, at least I didn’t bust out a duck face. But how ’bout that red pout?! Here I am, lookin’ all hard like a badass.

20120908-121048.jpgI wasn’t mad or anything, my lips just look really full. 😉 Totally modest.

20120908-121135.jpgBtw, red lips are high maintenance. And don’t look that great on me.

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The Secret of The Smokey Eye

Browsing the devil site Pinterest the other night, I came across a DIY eye shadow primer. Thank the sweet Lord because Urban Decay Primer Potion is ridiculous expensive and I’m not about to shell out the cash for that. Apparently, this stuff is comparable (she shows a side by side of hers vs. UD’s). Making it tonight (chapstick is warming between my thighs this very moment), so I’ll let you know how it goes when I use it tomorrow!

Browsing her site, I came upon her The 7 Sins of a Smokey Eye. Life changing, I tell you! Sin #7: Skipping the highlight. It was like I had an epiphany. No wonder I look 10 years older when I do a smokey eye (and hence, never do it). I did a semi-smokey today and highlighted under my eyes and down the side of my nose a bit. Amazingness. So if you’re a makeup junkie wannabe like me, browse her blog, watch her videos, learn something! Maybe I’ll even do some side by side shots of the highlighted vs unhighlighted smokey eye so you can see how horrendous it looks. Just for shits and giggles.

And for those of you makeup nay-sayers.


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My Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

I know I gush about casually mention Pinterest often but let me dedicate an entire post to this lovely yet evil little gem. It’s a great time-waster, idea finder, inspiration, etc. The problem is, it has become an obsession that I, apparently, wasn’t prepared to deal with. Lately, it’s been fashion. Clothes, makeup, hair, shoes, nail polish…

*Mini rant about nail polish: I absolutely cannot stand the trend of nail art and/or glitter on just the ring fingers. It looks like a 5 year old’s idea and I’m not impressed.*

So all weekend, I’ve been getting more anxious and frustrated over the fact that I hate all of my clothes. I don’t have a single pair of jeans that fit me “just right”, I have ZERO pairs of flats that I am willing to wear in public (tennis shoes and flip flops are it for me 😦 ), the few cute clothes I have stay hidden because the bra it requires is uncomfortable (that one is my own fault, ya know, the fake ta-ta’s and all…) and let’s face it, I’m a SAHM so going to the grocery store is about it for me. I have a hard time justifying spending money on looking good. But I know myself and I know that I feel better when I look better. I know what I need to do but it hurts to spend money! Totally just showed my cheap side there. Maybe I should start working again to justify buying cute clothes… Or maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis at 26 and finally realizing that I’m not in my cool 20’s anymore.

Yes, I’d love some cheese with my whine.

Hair. I FINALLY have long enough hair to do all those gorgeous things that I’ve been drooling over since becoming a hairdresser. Except, I’m a SAHM and have no reason to spend that much time on myself, just to go to a play date where I’ll be chasing Lil Miss all over a playground. I don’t want to be THAT mom. I miss feeling pretty. Maybe I need a weekly ladies night! We can do each others nails and makeup and watch movies starring hot guys (Fight Club, Step Up, Magic Mike, you get the idea…).

And this post is the winner of Most Depressing Post Ever.

Why, yes, Wonka, apparently they did.

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Tore up from the floor up-Refashion

I have this beloved pair of jeans that I’ve had since I was 18…so a few years. And they are looking rough. When new, they were the trashed kind…ripped knee (not a hole, but only threads holding the denim together), frayed spots here and there, loose fit, etc. They were the most amazing fitting jeans, straight off the rack, I’ve ever owned. It’s kind of like the “messy bun”. It has to be a beautiful disaster. These jeans no longer had the “beautiful” part. I stopped wearing them in public long ago. *tear*

So without further ado, I give you the jeans:


You can imagine what they used to look like. Simply amazing.

With Spring Cleaning on the brain, I couldn’t stand to look at these old rags beauties, folded up in the bottom of my closet anymore. I had two choices: pitch ’em or find a use for them. Lucky for them, and my wallet, I needed another pair of jean shorts and my most-comfortable-turned-trashed jeans seem to fit the DIY bill. So it made my heart hurt a little less cutting the legs off than it would have to chuck place them in the trash can.

I slipped them on and made a dot with a sharpie at the length I wanted them (plus an inch or so for error). A few deep breaths later, I had a pair of jean shorts. I cut the seams a bit to make room to fold them up and I’m pretty happy with them. Don’t judge my thunder thighs…I’m workin’ on it, aight.


And totally off topic of jeans/shorts/refashion… I made my first diaper cover for my niece today and it turned out UH-DOR-ABLE! I made her a simple pillowcase dress from the same fabric for her birthday.


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