Let’s Talk Laundry

Hey folks! I haven’t posted in awhile and I don’t have a legit excuse. Except laziness, but that doesn’t count as “legit”. Meh.

To spare my FB news feed, I thought I’d post my rant/review here on…dun dun dun…MY LAUNDRY! We had a new washer and dryer delivered today and I’m really excited about it! It was a nice surprise before 11am, as we were told it would be here by TOMORROW. Let me explain why this is so exciting to me.

*…flashback time…*

Back in the fall of 2006, the husbee and I bought our first home together and our first washer/dryer set. Upon realizing the vast array of options available, we didn’t know where to start. Hubs happened upon a tiny local appliance store and was directed to a Speed Queen set. “What the hell is Speed Queen?” I asked later, skeptical of this “local” store. Apparently, this brand is used by any and all laundromats. These machines are used and abused for YEARS before being retired and still manage to get clothes clean, even in their old age. These machines all have the same guts but are available with different options (adjustable signal, automatic extra rinse, etc). Like buying a base model car vs. heated seats, leather, sun roof. I was still a bit skeptical, but the hubs got a good deal and with a track record like that, I’d give it a go. Holy amazingness. BEST.MACHINES.EVER. I was never disappointed by these machines. They were fast, got my clothes clean and got nearly all the dog hair out of my blankets, sheets, etc. But…and there’s always a but…I didn’t know what I had until it was gone.

*…fast forward 5 years…*

3 days before Baby Bear was born, husbee got a job offer we couldn’t refuse, starting in 4 weeks. 10 days after listing our house, we were in degotiation. We ended up selling our washer and dryer with the house (which is pretty standard). Unfortunately, the crazies we bought our current home from absolutely refused to leave their set, so we were forced to buy. I was swept up in the “pretty front-loader” hype and the previous owners had built a pedestal for theirs so it seemed logical to get one, too. We were living out of a hotel (that was equipped with a SQ washer and dryer on the second level, I might add) for 2.5 weeks, the munchkin was about 8 weeks old and we knew NOBODY. We NEEDED a washer and dryer by the time we finally got into the house and didn’t have a whole lot of time to shop (hubs working 10-12 hour days). We bought a Maytag 4000 Series set. It was clean white, silver buttons, lots of options, high efficiency, blah, blah, freaking blah. Within a month, we had to have a technician come out to figure out why the hell the washer nearly shook the entire house when it hit the spin cycle. “Out of balance” he tells us. Within a month? Ok, whatever. It continued to be kind of loud but we ignored it. I was not a fan from the beginning. Water pools at the front of the rubber seal and has to be wiped out after every load, dog hair and baby socks got stuck between the drum and the rubber seal, clothes would fall on the floor every time I tried to pull them out to switch them to the dryer, the lint trap barely ever had any lint/dog hair in it (gee, that makes you feel like you’re putting clean clothes on when you know HAIR is still stuck to everything). Of course, I was comparing it to my SQ set, the set I’d been using for the last 5 years.

*…fast forward 16 months later…*

About a week ago, hubs and I noticed how loud the washer had gotten. We’re talking jet engine loud. Can’t-hear-the-tv-over-the-noise (laundry room is down the hall and door closed) loud. Could-hear-it-from-the-road loud. When-friends-were-over-they-asked-what-the-hell-that-noise-is loud. Hubs took this past week off to accommodate his parents coming and decided to have a tech come out to check it out. It happened to be the same guy who came last year. Turns out, the Maytag 4000 Series washer is NOTORIOUS for a bearing breaking within the first two years. Also turns out, it’s an $800 problem. You can buy a new one for that price. What bullshit. We searched the internet a bit that night and found out that the tech wasn’t exaggerating, it’s a common problem. If we can get Maytag to send the part for free, we might be able to get it fixed and sell it on consignment. But Maytag only gives a one year warranty. We should have known that the product was junk if the company would only stand behind their product for one stinking year. We were going to need to buy a new set, or pay the same price to “fix” the one we had but would have to pay that in a year, when that part took a shit again. I didn’t care where we had to go to find a dealer, we were NOT getting anything but a SQ set. Luckily, we found a local appliance dealer that carries SQ and ended up getting the absolute cheapest, “base model” washer and dryer! These are top-loading, basic machines, people. The owner was surprised that I didn’t love the front loaders and didn’t want another set. Then told us how our brand is the machine you want if you get really dirty (um…we have 2 dogs…). Whatever, I was so happy to see that SQ symbol when we walked into that store!!! When we got home, hubs and FIL (father-in-law) tore out the tile pedestal the previous owners hastily and shabbily put together, and got the laundry room ready for my new set! After it was delivered and set up today, I did a load of my cleaning washcloths. I have 2 sets, one is colored and what I use to Swiffer my hardwood floors and the other set is all white and I use those to clean windows, mirrors and bathroom. Using the Maytag set, I’d have to wash these separately or I’d end up with dog hair and my hair all over the white cloths from the colored ones (after they were “clean” and dry). As it were, I’d have to pick hair off of the colored ones, but I was saving myself the hassle if I just did them separately. So much for “high efficiency” if I have to do 2 loads for 10 cloths, right? Just to prove my point, I put them all together in one load today and wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t pick a single hair off of ANY of these washcloths and the lint trap was FULL of my long hair and dog hair. I wanted to cry, it made me so happy. I finally feel like I have clean clothes, blankets, sheets, towels again! I had a lot more settings on my old SQ set, but I don’t give a damn. My laundry is clean again!

Moral of this too-long story….don’t you dare settle for less when you KNOW something works.

***If there are typos, I’ll fix them later but I’m on my computer and this damn thing has a tendency to delete things without my approval so I’m typing and posting quickly so that doesn’t happen!


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Getting My Fix

You may remember my recent post about how much I hate my wardrobe but am too cheap to go shopping. It was quite pathetic. I made a deal with the devil my husband (and no, I’m not telling what the agreement consisted of) for shoes/boots. I’ve been putting off buying boots for a few years and I just can’t take it anymore. I also need flats (because not all jeans take kindly to tennis shoes). And I might have told him that we were going shopping today, when the tiny tornado woke up from her nap. And we did! So between my $10 gift card at Kohl’s (they just randomly send these out! So weird!) that I spent yesterday, and our little trip today, I ended up with 5 new tops and a pair of flats!

This is the highlight of my month. Ugh…I’m so shallow.

And I have to share what I spent and what I saved because I love saving money more than spending it. And I apologize for these terrible pictures. Use your imagination, would ya? I’ll help you along.
Yesterday (Kohl’s): pale orange basic shallow v-neck T…navy blouse with flowy sleeves (real technical name)

20120915-210927.jpgSpent a total of about $1 after the gift card and they were clearanced for $3 and $8. I’m obsessed with these basic T’s. I can’t get enough!

Today (JCPenney): The one on the left is white and champaign and the other is gray and brown. Sadly, I tried on the lighter one, thinking it was the size larger, loved it so much I got the other color in the “same size”, only to get home and realize that it wasn’t the same and sure as hell wasn’t going to work (it was like a tent). I will definitely get a pic modeling this one because the fit is incredible!

20120915-212020.jpgSpent $20+tax for these two tops ($10 each, in case you can’t do math and didn’t notice that they are the same shirt). $22 a piece originally.

Today (Kohl’s): burgundy cowl neck sweater, leather blend white and animal print flats (I’m REALLY excited about these!!!)

20120915-212602.jpgThe sweater is so soft and such a pretty color in person. “Ruby Isle” is the name. $13ish I think. What a STEAL! The original price was $80. Had to dig 3 boxes down for the shoes but so glad I did! $18, down from $65.

So I calculated everything I spent and compared it to the original price of everything and am quite pleased with my thrifty self! I only spent about $55 and saved over $185!!! And to think…a bunch of women actually paid that $65 for JUST those shoes.

^^See that? That’s me rationalizing spending money on myself. Because I STILL feel guilty that it wasn’t spent on Keira. Mommy guilt is a bitch.

With less than $20 out of the “shoe budget”, I have plenty to find some sweet boots!

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Technical Difficulties

I’m trying to blog more from my computer and fight the urge to throw it when I attempt to post.  I just can’t win because it takes so long to type from my phone but posting pictures is usually a no-brainer.

As Keira is napping, I’m wasting time trying to figure out WP a little better so I changed my theme (it was too boring for me…even though I don’t even see it 99% of the time due to the mobile version) and now I can’t remember if I have an “about me” section.  Do you guys think I need one?  Do I already have one that I just can’t find in my new theme?

And I have successfully missed all nap time opportunities to get ANYTHING done today because Little Miss is starting to stir.  I need a shower, I’m starting to grow funk.  Just kidding.  Sorta.

Oooh, and a question I pondered last night and thought I’d ask some other people…

What would you do with a “free day”?

No significant other, no kids, no work, no responsibility, no spending limit.  This is basically a “what would you do with a million dollars” type question, but I’m interested to see what other people consider a perfect ME day.

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Car Photo Shoot!

Keira fell asleep and Papa Bear had to go inside his facility to pick something up…or something. I didn’t really pay attention when he said what he was doing, just came along for the ride. And after doing my makeup in the car bumpy ass Ford truck (pros and cons of a company vehicle, eh?), I decided that I was impressed with my shaky makeup skills. And had a mini photo shoot…by myself…because I’m 15 apparently. Hey, at least I didn’t bust out a duck face. But how ’bout that red pout?! Here I am, lookin’ all hard like a badass.

20120908-121048.jpgI wasn’t mad or anything, my lips just look really full. 😉 Totally modest.

20120908-121135.jpgBtw, red lips are high maintenance. And don’t look that great on me.

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The Secret of The Smokey Eye

Browsing the devil site Pinterest the other night, I came across a DIY eye shadow primer. Thank the sweet Lord because Urban Decay Primer Potion is ridiculous expensive and I’m not about to shell out the cash for that. Apparently, this stuff is comparable (she shows a side by side of hers vs. UD’s). Making it tonight (chapstick is warming between my thighs this very moment), so I’ll let you know how it goes when I use it tomorrow!

Browsing her site, I came upon her The 7 Sins of a Smokey Eye. Life changing, I tell you! Sin #7: Skipping the highlight. It was like I had an epiphany. No wonder I look 10 years older when I do a smokey eye (and hence, never do it). I did a semi-smokey today and highlighted under my eyes and down the side of my nose a bit. Amazingness. So if you’re a makeup junkie wannabe like me, browse her blog, watch her videos, learn something! Maybe I’ll even do some side by side shots of the highlighted vs unhighlighted smokey eye so you can see how horrendous it looks. Just for shits and giggles.

And for those of you makeup nay-sayers.


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My Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

I know I gush about casually mention Pinterest often but let me dedicate an entire post to this lovely yet evil little gem. It’s a great time-waster, idea finder, inspiration, etc. The problem is, it has become an obsession that I, apparently, wasn’t prepared to deal with. Lately, it’s been fashion. Clothes, makeup, hair, shoes, nail polish…

*Mini rant about nail polish: I absolutely cannot stand the trend of nail art and/or glitter on just the ring fingers. It looks like a 5 year old’s idea and I’m not impressed.*

So all weekend, I’ve been getting more anxious and frustrated over the fact that I hate all of my clothes. I don’t have a single pair of jeans that fit me “just right”, I have ZERO pairs of flats that I am willing to wear in public (tennis shoes and flip flops are it for me 😦 ), the few cute clothes I have stay hidden because the bra it requires is uncomfortable (that one is my own fault, ya know, the fake ta-ta’s and all…) and let’s face it, I’m a SAHM so going to the grocery store is about it for me. I have a hard time justifying spending money on looking good. But I know myself and I know that I feel better when I look better. I know what I need to do but it hurts to spend money! Totally just showed my cheap side there. Maybe I should start working again to justify buying cute clothes… Or maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis at 26 and finally realizing that I’m not in my cool 20’s anymore.

Yes, I’d love some cheese with my whine.

Hair. I FINALLY have long enough hair to do all those gorgeous things that I’ve been drooling over since becoming a hairdresser. Except, I’m a SAHM and have no reason to spend that much time on myself, just to go to a play date where I’ll be chasing Lil Miss all over a playground. I don’t want to be THAT mom. I miss feeling pretty. Maybe I need a weekly ladies night! We can do each others nails and makeup and watch movies starring hot guys (Fight Club, Step Up, Magic Mike, you get the idea…).

And this post is the winner of Most Depressing Post Ever.

Why, yes, Wonka, apparently they did.

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Elbow Deep and Totally Worth It

A couple days ago, I summoned the help of a blog buddy who has much more experience than I in cooking whole turkeys. I’ve only done it once.

**Little back story on why I was cooking a whole turkey in August: The hubs gets these enormous hunks of meat from his company. This is our third turkey and the second pork loin (which is the size of a toddler) is hanging out in the freezer. Husby doesn’t like pork, with the exception of bacon, so I don’t know what we will do with that. Turkeys came from Thanksgiving so this one needed to be cooked…hence, Thanksgiving in August.**

After thawing in the fridge for 3 days, I remembered that I don’t REALLY know how to cook one, so enlisting the help of a veteran turkey cooker was a must. Especially after this post. Perfect timing on that one, Martha! By the way, being first trimester preggo and elbow deep in a dead turkey’s cold ass cavity was nauseating. Was really wishing hubs was home to do my dirty work. Thank sweet baby Jesus it was delicious. How did I do?



This last one was before cutting the dark meat (again hubby doesn’t eat that either so I left it until we were done then it could go directly to the fridge). I’m not good at carving a turkey, obvi, so I was proud of what I accomplished with the hunks of breast meat I got off in one piece.

I found this egg roll recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it. Egg rolls are a traditional side to turkey, right? Right. It was disappointing 😦 I’m deep frying them next time.

I started writing this post like 2 days ago but shit just kept coming up (literally…that’s not a back story you want so don’t ask) and I couldn’t finish. I feel that after two days, I’ve lost my train of thought. Or rather, it came to a screeching halt. Either way, the turkey was worth it, the egg rolls sucked and I have a lot of shit to clean up…and hate my dogs right now.

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